DAMA is involved in the manufacture of precision turned parts in the railway sector and in the automotive sector.

Machining for the railway sector

DAMA has been producing spare parts for the SNCF for 30 years, such as brass plugs CW614N, steel XC38 barrel nipples , lead-free S300 fittings.

Treatment and finishing of railway parts

The parts we manufacture undergo various treatments with our network of local suppliers:

  • Burnishing
  • Phosphating
  • Heat treatment
  • Zinc plating
  • HF quenching
  • Nitriding


Precision turning for cars and trucks

DAMA supplies many automotive plastics contractors, includingprecision turned parts for trucks.

Type de pièces :

  • Brass insert CW614N, CW603N
  • Knurled insert (hollow knurling, diamond knurling) in special alloys type CW601N, CW608N, CW617N C
  • Aluminium fastener in AW2011, AW6163, AW 6008

These parts are intended for the following applications:

  • Gear box, air conditioning
  • Trailer
  • Agricultural equipment

Manufacture of precision turned automobile parts

The machining of these parts for the automotive sector is carried out thanks to our machine park CN DECO 2000 26/32. Significant know-how, responsiveness and service allow us to be a privileged partner for our automotive and equipment manufacturer customers.

Thanks to the performance of our equipment, we meet the economic expectations of the automotive sector as well as those of thetruck, railway, boating, bicycle industries.

Bar turning machines

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