DAMA is a specialist in machined parts for the electrical industry and its applications.

Machining of parts for the electrical field

We machine various types of parts according to your drawings.

Types of precision turned parts for the electrical field:

  • spindle
  • terminal
  • post
  • pin
  • fitting
  • nut
  • end cap
  • core
  • socket
  • tie rod
  • roller …

Machined materials for electrical parts:

For this industry, we mainly machine brass, bronze and copper (CUA1, CuTe, CUeTp, CW608N).

We also provide surface treatment operations such as silvering, tinning, …

Precision turning capacity and diameters of electrical parts:

Our workshop, made up of a homogeneous CNC range, allows us to manufacture turned parts in medium and large series.

We can make small diameter parts from 3 mm up to 70 mm.

Type of part: household appliances

Bar turning electrical part

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