DAMA has a long experience in qualitative connectors in brass and in copper alloys excluding lead (RoHs applications). DAMA has the skills and technologies adapted to the requirements of its customers to make precision turned parts.

Our machines

We have a machine park equipped for precision turning. Our machines allow the machining of small diameter parts specially adapted to the industry for average and large series.

Thanks to the numerous axes on all our CNC lathes, the technical components for connectors are entirely precision machine finished.

Our high performance machine park allows to us to obtain productivity gains by ensuring perfect quality, like deburring in masked time on the machine.


Complementary operations

DAMA offers a complete service by ensuring all secondary operations such as tribofinishing and surface treatments

  • tribofinishing
  • sandblasting
  • peening
  • electrolytic nickel plating
  • chemical nickel plating
  • silver plating
  • gold plating

Examples of parts

Here you will find some examples.

  • Brass Connector Body CW601N
  • Base plate in Niclal 1800
  • Brass valve CuZn39Pb3
  • Contact in nickel silver
  • Brass end cap CW614N
  • Brass holder CW603N
  • Brass Pin CW617N
  • POM-C studs
  • PEEK end cap
  • PET-C insert

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